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This theme has 13 HD and SD backgrounds , all icons were custom made and are complete including the pointer work . 3 of the backgrounds were also custom made. This is for the die hard AC/DC fan.

best viewed at -2 or -3

Enjoy comments are welcome
Download Here (HD)
Download Here (SD)
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mrj QQQ

dynamic themes become boring really fast. Static themes last!

Mike Johnson

you only live once

mrj QQQ

I felt we needed another AC/DC theme seeing that there were only 2 up until now.


ACDC all day, i just downloaded every music video they ever made like a month ago.. so good. deff one of the most rockin bands that ever existed. legendary.

mrj QQQ

You kow What? It is the aniversery of Bon Sctt’s Death February 19th 1980?…..Who knew?