Metal Bands Ultra Slideshow

Theme by charli_el_

(I recommend to put the bright in -1 or -2).

First of all, I need to say that the title ‘Metal’ isn’t quite right, because the theme have Post-Hardcore bands, Metalcore bands, nu-metal/rapcore, etc., so in order to group them in some way I called the theme ‘Metal Bands’.

I saw the theme by Mason Maseda/ achilles1643 and I decided to create a theme like GTA Ultraslideshow (by uLtRaMa6nEt1c) but with some metal bands, so here it’s the theme.

The bands that I used for the theme are (alphabetical order) [I think that these are all the bands I used, maybe may overrun or miss some]:

A Day To Remember
Asking Alexandria
Avenged Sevenfold
Betraying The Martyrs
Black Veil Brides
Bring Me The Horizon
Dead By April
Escape The Fate
Falling In Reverse
Hollywood Undead (Rapcore, but it couldn’t be missed)
I See Stars
Linkin Park (the new single, Guilty All The Same looks a bit like soft metal xD)
Suicide Silence (Mitch Lucker
Download Here


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im sure ill be alright eventually..
thank you man.


we are on the same page,
if my ps3 breaks ill buy a new ps3


: Oh, I see. Hope everything’s ok!
Anyway, don’t worry mate, surely I won’t leave this site! šŸ˜‰
Actually, it’s much more likely that I’ll leave this Earth before deciding to leave the site… LOL! šŸ˜›


i usedto go to alot of hardcore shows aswell
have some friends in the scene..
my daughters mother, my girlfriend is the ex guitarist from punishment’s sister in law.
they introduced her to me, lol.

im kinda back and forth with metal, hardcore, and other music, kinda getting into that dubstep

but i might hafto checkout some of the bands you have listed here.


yes optimus, im always here, just been going through some things over the past few months. i wont leave this site until its non functioning. whenever that may be.. lol. there is no chance of me just up and leaving im more afraid of you guys leaving… lol. @charli_el i understand what you mean about old and new, i actually saw lincoln park and stp back in 00′ ” back in 00′ “sounds so weird to say that, i believe im getting old lol. me and my boys from back then wer in the top row smoking a joint, they… Read more »


Thanks to PS3-Themes for putting the preview šŸ˜›

: Yes, the actual metal bands are very different from the “classics” (Metallica for example), but I’m from ’96, so the “modern metal bands” (00′ onwards) are quite normal for me.

Maybe putting on the title “Modern Metal bands (00′) would be better.

I don’t put “Screamo bands” ’cause screamo is not a genre, and as you said, not all the bands that I put are screamo (HU, LP and DBA).


& charli_el

=> Doom: Hey bro! Hope you’ll be here when the special theme I’m making in coop with Ultra is out… šŸ˜‰

=> charli_el: Nice theme, mate! +1! šŸ™‚


christ… i didnt read the description.. LOL
im a dumb ass. lol.

anyway, it is confusing to see or think that everyone of these bands are metal..
kinda throws you off a little.


now if you made a ‘metal gods’ theme….
it would look a tad different and the bands back
in the day sounded way different.
hard to tell stuff today is metal or something else..
lincoln park is not metal, no can do sir lol.
rock tho.. screamo is different too..
there are alot of names for different styles of
music, ive been out of the loop for a while,
i hardly recognise any of these bands…


Again, I forgot to put the preview xDD