Killswitch Engage #2

Theme by Dennis “F-Rott” Ferrand

Killswitch Engage Theme
5 Backgrounds
Custom Row Icons

Made a quick Theme for one of my personal favorites. Nothing too deep, just a nice tribute!
Download Here

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Tanvir Singh

Hey dude can you do veil of Maya theme


hehehe, good work man! i dont mind the icons as long as the theme is awesome! it would be great if some1 made a dynamic KsE theme…


Oh man! It’s been so long since the day we discussed about those asian movies that none of us remember, now… πŸ˜€

Uhm… I think I’ll have to find the theme in which you told me the title of that movie!


i’m sure when i finish my mk i’ll be chatting all day in the comments. i just wanna get it finished as soon as possible, but i dont wanna mess it up by rushing it either.


don’t worry i’m sure i’ll have more time on my hands over the summer. and i have zero idea of what that asian movie is!


yogosan: are you sure it was the computer going crazy OPTIMUS? Uhm, I didn’t consider this… Yeah, maybe it’s me! I’m going crazy because: -A couple of weeks ago a devastating flood has trapped me in my house and paralyzed the whole town… πŸ™ -Here where I live it’s already too hot, and even using the air conditioner, I cannot play more than 1 hour because the PS3 starts to melt like the core of a nuclear plant. πŸ˜€ -It’s been over a month, but I’m still working on MK theme, and now I can see the truth: I’m Shao… Read more »


are you sure it was the computer going crazy OPTIMUS? πŸ˜€


Hey guys!
My computer’s gone crazy and I couldn’t even connect to the site!

So, aside this theme… have I missed something???

(BTW… great work, Dennis! :D)


I didn’t mind the default column icons on this one…They blend in with the mostly black and gray theme backgrounds. If I made the rest, they’d just be white with gray stroke, so not much difference, I think.
I made the first part, (backgrounds and Row Icons), uploaded it to my PS3 and said, “well, that looks OK”.


unfortunately most icons are default grey which kills it for me =/


awesome i love Killswitch Engage