I Love My Music Dynamic Theme

Theme by a100miles2go

This theme is best applied while listening to music.
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Quote: “In a nutshell you are using 1 effect and no psn store dynamic theme uses just 1 effect”
these are just a few psn themes i’m not going to look for the rest but they seem to use the same effect and made the same as i make mine. someone better contact sony and tell them that they are not dynamic themes and stop advertising that they are…..


thanks, i like your work as well 😛


I actually agree with GlowBall because this themes are animated and not dynamic themes. Dynamic themes involves multiple effect in the same theme and for that reason i call it in my themes “animated” when Im using this method. It like the Slide Show themes that are not dynamic themes also for me are “slide Show themes” BTW : a good name proposed by glowball to clasify it or make a description for this type of themes. In my opinion like Glowball said a good name for this class of themes are “Animated themes” and this only for create a… Read more »


@GlowBall I do look at my theme for what it is… a beautiful girl with blue eyes with her head on a Sony speaker. I don’t have time to look at her hand with those bright blue eyes of hers. I never re-sized the image the ps3 auto re-sizes dynamic themes thats why it looks like that. I have said from the start that all my themes are made the same as gif images / image sequences. How are you meant to make all that stuff you said with camera etc with out writing a JS script? gif is an… Read more »


I don’t like this theme, I actually agree with GlowBall, I expect more from a dynamic theme than just thay… but its only my opinion, and if you take this as me bashing on your work, don’t


@-.- a100miles2go You do sound like a “pr!ck” cus you don’t look at your theme for what it is. Thanks for the link I didn’t need to ask as her hands are fine you made an amateur mistake by stretching the image instead of re-sizing. Here is the original pic used http://always-emo.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d1go3s2 As for the dynamic thing I never said there should be 3D models or extra scripting. In a nutshell you are using 1 effect and no psn store dynamic theme uses just 1 effect. Your tutorial and this effect is great cus it adds alot of oportunity for… Read more »


Can u put up a good soccer dynamic theme?


its is classed as a “dynamic theme”, so are the slideshow ones which you made,
@a100 great stuff thanks


Thanks, i was looking at this guide http://www.newtutorials.com/creating-a-pounding-subwoofer.htm and found that picture and thought that it would make a good theme.

Does it really matter? people seem to like my themes…. not all PSN dynamic themes are made using 3D models but still listed as dynamic just like this site….

Not everyone knows how to make 3D models or write JS script from scratch…..

I don’t mean to sound like a pr!ck but if your worried so much about her hand contact her and ask why her hand is so big in the photo.



I don’t mean to be rude but these types of themes are not dynamic. Yeah I admit that they can only fit in the dynamic category at the minute but they are more like gif files than anything else. I thought Faxtron added a great name “Animated” for these types cus that is what they are a quick animation.

Say you wanted this to become dynamic you would do a camera shake to look like vibrations with some falling music symbols or even falling pieces of plaster.

BTW why is her hand so big?


100milesago is the peoples champ of ps3 themes!! Awesome work!! Still waiting on that nba2k12 dynamic theme!


Wao….perfect work here 10/10 HD quality animation on the house thanks !


I posted this at another theme but maybe you too can look into it “With holiday season around the corner any chance one of you can gift us some Christmas dynamic themes.”