Girls’ Generation – SNSD Theme (beta) HD

Theme by adlm_02

This is a beta for a ps3 theme of the Girls’ Generation (SNSD) the icons for each category I made based on a theme that I found called Neon Theme, which I don’t remember where I found originally so I couldn’t ask for permission fit for use, and combine with some renders made ??by Titan-Kun ([link]), the used wallpapers also found them on internet, and sub ??category icons like folders, settings and others I render myself pulled out of several images of their albums (gee, RDR, OH!, Hoot, etc.) is totally in HD. Hopefully you can try and tell me how you see the theme and also tell me what can I change for another version that I’m doing.

Download Here

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Amazing! A work of art! I love the icons, the background pictures and i’m simply stunned by the fact that it’s just a beta! it’s perfect the way it is, my fellow sone… May i request more of these wonderful themes? Cause you have a fan of your work right here!

P.S. Add me on PSN (Thick_Grin ) if you ever want an opinion or some pictures, i would be glad to help! ^^


There was a blank picture when I cycled through the theme. Other than that it’s perfect nice crisp pic of my girls 😀 Good job!!! I <3 So Nyeo Shi Dae