Bone thugs-n-harmony HD

Theme by Jubei808

Ten years after their last album with all five bone members, Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh-n-Bone return united, with their new masterpiece album appropriately titled UNI5. I dedicate my 20th theme to my favorite rap group of all time, Bone thugs-n-harmony and the eternal Eazy-E. This theme has 16 HD only backgrounds and custom icons that I created. I want to thank Grasuc for most of his home row icons which were brilliant. Enjoy! and please leave your comments.
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yeah love this groupe 🙂


dang i didnt except no kinda bone thugs themes on here i was just hoping there was even a decent theme under the music section them bam bone thugs n harmony lol i was like whaaat lol thanks man good shit for real


do u kno where i can find a mac dre theme??


its cool but yall need individual pics of all 5 of um! appreciate yall have’n this 1 tho fuh real


What’s up with the download number being only one. I’m sure more than one person downloaded this theme, can somebody say glitch!


best group ever serious lyrics

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good looks on tha bone thugz theme . could u make one for aaliyah

ruf dogg

that was 2 damn cool


i was looking for a bone thugs theme thanks