Bob Marley Animated

Theme by Faxtron

PS3 Bob Marley Animated. Icons made by : GaB_ovEr so all the credit for the icons to him. The animation gif used is created by me.
For the best experience possible please drop the backgrounds brightness. Theme Settings — Background — Brightness — I recommend -2 or -3.This theme have an HD quality and like always for free 🙂

Enjoy !
Download Here


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YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS, Faxtron, you did it again, my new favorite theme is the Exorcist theme. It is absolutely genius bro. Thank you so much man. I will look for some hd comic strips, and let you know if i find anything worthy. Wow man, i’m still just really excited about this new Exorcist theme. Thanks again Faxtron.


Oh man StEpS you always give me good ideas that sound great to me. I will see what I can do…BTW : I was a big fan of comics for Marvel, DC and Image. If you see a good comic on hd there you can let me know to start to convert the comic to a theme 🙂 BTW : I made another theme for you, this time for the movie the Exorcist. Here is the video preview : In a few days will be available here. But in the video description you can get the download too.


You did it again Faxtron, you keep making themes that are my new favorites. Thanks for this sweet Marley theme! I know how busy you are, but i had another idea if you are interested. My idea is actually a slideshow theme that is like a comic strip. So, the first picture would be the first page of the comic, and then it would transition into the second page and so on. I think that would be totally badass. The hard part would be finding some HD comic strip pics. But if done right, it would look like a real… Read more »


Themes Thanks mate 🙂


Hey to send you the PM on the forum i have to add you in my Buddies List. How I can do that ?


@OPTIMUS Ohh man this is the best news I have today, you make my day very happy with this. You know what this is one of the best and important gifts I have on this xmas. BTW this week at saturday is my birthday what a coincidence and this is the best gift you bring to me on this week. Yes i can give you my email on private message here in the forum. Why not I can trust you and most important you are my friend 🙂 You know what I’m very exited and I can’t wait to see… Read more »


@Faxtron: IMPORTANT! Ok, mate, the background is 100% complete! (I started working on the icons, but I wanna make them simple because in this case the background with your animation is the most important part of the theme…) Now, there’s one thing I’d like to ask you, something I never asked to anyone, my friend… As I said, the background’s done and I’m ready to give it to you. I’ve put all my efforts and passion in it, working costantly to make it as best as possible (and I really hope you’ll like it) Well, I don’t trust the image… Read more »


hey Faxtron, Your themes are truely some of the best i’ve seen, that being said I was hoping you could make a Skyrim Dragon Theme … If you’d do so here’s a video that I think would look great as part of a theme, Thanks Man Much Love.


hey faxtron nice one buddy 🙂



very nice indeed u should do one with comment image

Nice picture of Snake let see what I can do in a future theme with this image 🙂



Nooo woman, no cry… Nooo woman, no cry…
Nice “psychedelic” job, mate!

Thanks my friend 🙂


very nice indeed u should do one withcomment image


Nooo woman, no cry… Nooo woman, no cry… 😛

Nice “psychedelic” job, mate! 😀

Monkey Luffys

haha nice