The Crow (Version Two)

Theme by Daniel Keen

“The Crow by DK (Version Two)” Contains:
4 HD&SD wallpapers
70+ NEW unique icons
Crow Internet Pointers
Download Here

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someone needs to do a better but outstanding version of The Crow theme here it’s cool & original but like before BatMan & The Punisher or Sin City there was this guy & he was played the son of the legendary martial artists of all time, Bruce Lee. Brandon Lee i think The Crow theme needs to be a dynamic theme & a slideshow, the dynamic should have the rain in background raining on top of him & The Crow swoops in on the screen & caws too & for the slideshow i think the whole trilogy should be added… Read more »


Wow cool theme. I didn’t think anyone would do a theme for this movie,such a cool one too. good work!