The Amazing Spider-man PSS (Final)

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

I focused on the movie posters with the blue-tinted cityscape.
7 images and icons created/altered by uLtRaMa6nEt1c.

*I just got hold of a 7th pic that matches the cityscape theme. Changed the TV and Trophy icons*

For the best experience set Brightness to -1 or -2
(Theme Settings > Background > Brightness > -1 or -2)
Download Here


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well yea that might be true but i doubt that it would make a huge difference in their system.. they have a download counter on their site. and i think they used to have it here a long time ago so its possible its just that the admin might not have the time to work on it now maybe since the site is still not up to date with uploads :\ lol


Thanks again guys. I really appreciate it.
Oh snap, GlowBall. It’s been a while. Nice to hear from you.


Amazing theme man lol thanks +1 πŸ™‚


& JAYDEE1003:

-ULTRAMA6NET1C- Another great job on both themes, mate: +1 again! πŸ˜€

-JAYDEE1003- As for the download counter: I agree, but… well, I think this would imply some changes that may complicate the site’s management system…


wow nice one it looks good on my tv^^ +1


I just made a thread petition check it out πŸ™‚


Thanks guys. If one of you starts that thread, I’m in.


improvements or add on are always welcome & The Amazing Spider-man for me was an awesome movie can’t wait for the bluray ^_^
same as i said before on your previous The Amazing Spider-man SSP 5/5
thx for sharing it


i agree but i think they should keep the like/dislike also because it helps to see how many people like the theme.

we have to create a thread on the forum about the download counter and have alot of people reply to get the admin’s attention.. sort of like a petition so if someone replies its like they’re signing it ..


that idea for a couter sound good better than the like/dislike, because people give sometime undeserved negatives or possitives as uLtRaMa6nEt1c said for stupid reasons or simply for trolling.


Awesome! +1 .. i actually suggested so many times to the admin to add a download counter but i guess they never got to it :\


Yo Fax, I think people are disliking it because they didn’t like the movie – which is a stupid reason. This theme and the Dark Knight one are basically the same, but this theme originally got so many more dislikes.
I always liked the download counter this site used to have.
Anyway, Thanks again for comment. Don’t stay away from making themes for too long. Those 2 new themes on your channel I like a lot. +1 in advance, lol


Thanks mate, for take the time to make it more perfect. Those improvements are great, the themes looks more cool than before. But as always one user already give you a -1 Why ??? if this theme is well done. Why if someone give a -1 don’t say why giving you the -1. I don’t understand, I think the administrator should do some changes on that. If someone give you a positive or a negative explain why. With that info. the creator can improve for the next theme.