Supernatural (HD only)

Theme by SoundOfDarkness

The existing Supernatural themes didn’t fully fit my taste so I tried to make my own.
It’s not an all new theme. I just took the Supernatural theme created by SubZer0 and exchanged most of the background pictures. It’s HD only now and all pictures are exactly 1920×1080. Hope you like it.
I didn’t ask SubZer0 for permission, but I hope it’s ok. Anyway, all thanks go to SubZer0 for his work, cuz I didn’t do much.^^
Download Here
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Thanx mate wanted something like this for ages!!!


Thanks for the tip. I’m very busy lately, but as soon as I find some free time I’ll upload updated versions of my themes with SD support.


HD only, pooh, no good for those of us living in the past still 😛

In the future include SD please.

Not that much work, lazy thing to do is just resize the HD’s by knocking off the 1 to make them 920×518 and then paste ’em into a 640×480, this way they ussually still fit the screen and do not get distorted.


Well, in that case thanks to you for your work.^^
Glad you like it.


Actually, these are my icons…From years ago. And I don’t recall SubZer0 asking my permission! Lol!

Good theme.