Summer blockbusters SS [21 pix]

Theme by Droopysp

3 movies, 21 hd wallpapers
Gold icons/ custom sounds
13+ content

Download Here

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This theme is Awesome, is there anyway you can make me a Batman Arkham city theme using this same icons but in black with maybe a white glow and add the dynamic theme feature…. I have some really nice HD batman pictures I would like to use for a theme… since I’m just now getting the game… So exactly like how this theme is but with Batman HD pictures.. and maybe same icons but in black or red with a lite gradient fade like these in the pic / or a white glow… Love the line you put around the… Read more »


The icons for the upcoming themes are official…the icons really didnt go with the theme


Thank you how about a Dark knight Rises slide show and or dynamic theme please? 4/5


Dope pics. Not a fan of the icons though. I always like how you put the borders around your pics +1.


nice slideshow 5/5
the avengers movie was
awesome too thx for sharing your theme
i wanted to ask you if you could make a slideshow,animated,dynamic or whatever of the 1980 The Bangles that would be super


Awesome very good theme!! Im suprise that im the only who likes the theme