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The Hobbit will be released Dec 14th 2012

This is a complete set of LOTR ICONS. Features 9 HD & SD backgrounds. Any fan of this film will appreciate and adore this theme.

My Precious!!!

I added a couple of backgrounds and switched a couple of Icons only to enhance the experience.
Download Here
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mrj qqq

Warrior Maiden – not sure what you mean by “Cluttered ,” when everything is spaced automatically by the design program. However if you are having problems seeing the icons that will be a result in your settings . Try dropping the brightness of your background by going to THEMES – BACKGROUND – BRIGHTNESS and drop it to -2 or -3 that should remedy the problem.

Warrior Maiden

Kind of cluttered. 🙁 The background makes it kind of hard to focus on the icons. Maybe try and clean it up? I really love Lord of the Rings, and I’d love to be able to use this theme. <3