Planet Terror-Rose Mcgowan Animated [update 2 for FW-4.0]

Theme by Faxtron

PS3 Planet Terror-Rose Mcgowan Animated with Custom icons and original sounds. Firmware 4.0 compatible. For the best experience possible please drop the backgrounds brightness. Theme Settings — Background — Brightness — I recommend -2 or -3. Like always for free.

Enjoy !
Download Here


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The Big Harsh

There is no sound music I can hear it!! please help me I love this movie soundtrack 🙁


I really like this theme, it is my favourite one but i was wondering if you could make a video typed theme like this one but of the lap-dance scene from Death Proof? I was also wondering why most video typed themes are not that long?


I can not get any sound on any of your themes please help me!


i live this theme. i first say rose in charmed when i was 13. i had a crush on her. no any more but i still like redheads


makes sense… thanks fury


@-.- timbo… every theme on this site that has video shits out occasionally… i think it’s because the video support in themes changed on PS3… it’s been like that since the 4.0 software update… im not shure exactly what is causing it but that would be my guess… sony must be trying to get people to buy their themes instead by changing theme support.. im hoping that FaxTron or someone finds a solution because my Lita Theme FaxTron made for me stopped after every one cycle of the video “which was about every 7 seconds” … hope this at least… Read more »


why is it that every time i turn my ps3 on i have to manually keep putting this theme back on? same goes for the sin city dynamic theme…


I love this theme =)


@Yeeaahh!!! Thanks my friend I’m working soon on other like this from the movie Powder Blue/Jessica Bill.


This is amazing!!! good for you!!! please give me more of this!!!!


Thanks bro for your appreciation of the theme 🙂


You make some great themes. I just got out of prison & 2 years ago I never seen PS3 themes that move. Good taste in women too by the way.


cool theme bro,thanks


hey brother,

awesome theme, you probably don’t care but this theme kicks.

Sin City theme was great too.



could you possibly make me a theme please?
i know what i want and how to find it you just need to cut it down and make it into a theme, if you can let me know and i will post where it all is XD thanks!!!




I will try to make one from Powder Blue/Jessica Bill. Not now but it’s in my list to themes to create.


you should make a dynamic theme of a nude stripper


i just saw your update for the cm punk theme and i re-downloaded it… sorry if i confused you in that last message.. i posted it before i saw the updated cm punk theme


great work on these themes FaxTron.. it sucks that sony’s FW 4.00 update screwed these up.. the cm punk theme don’t work anymore.. i hope that you can find a good work around for this firmware update or that this site gives you better software to work with


Someone said that the update 1 crash some times so here is the update 2 :


[update 1] : fixed some problems on unexpected stop in the theme. Please PS3-Theme uploader change the download file for this one.