Pacific Rim

Theme by OPTIMUS

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Well, guys… Based on – and inspired by – the colossal monsters shown nearly 30 years ago in many Japanese TV series (like Megaloman, for example), this movie looks quite interesting.
And it reminds me of the good old days… πŸ˜€

The theme contains:

-5 HD/SD handmade backgrounds
-Handmade icons
-No sounds

Download Here

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: Think that for me it was the reverse: when I sadly had to leave this site years ago, because I had to move to a new home, my HDTV got broken during the move and given that it wasn’t worth to fix it, I had to get back to the SD one… LOOOL! πŸ˜€

By the way, ehm… Why are we still talking here?
There is my new theme on the main page where we can keep talking… πŸ˜‰


I’m very grateful that it will be in HD because last year last year back in Jan ’12 I had been playing on a little 16” (due to the fact me & wifey moved into our new place Praise God) but in Feb. of the same year my longtime friend/Christian brother of 13 years well took me to wal-mart & let me pick out a 47” Vizio he even bought the HDMI (love that dude) eversince i’ve be thanking God 4 1080p it simply is brilliant….I remember when I made the transition I was like “SD—-HD Ohhhhhhh” then I drooled… Read more »


@IceDragon1017 & Mega26 => IceDragon1017: Lol! Don’t worry mate: usually, I also like to be clear when I speak or I explain my thoughts and ideas (assuming people understand what I’m saying, lol!) because they always been very complicated and hard to understand. Digressions of an oldie, anyway… πŸ˜› Thanks for your words, mate: I always tried to be original and creative… well, actually I always been like that and since I was a child, I expressed my creativity in several ways like composing music, drawing comics and so on up to creating themes. I really like it and when… Read more »


Hmm lol this movie made me think of Ultraman… um idk if u are taking any other request or if you have heard of him but i’d appreciate a theme based on Ultraman, he was an awesome part of my childhood ^_^ great theme btw


@OPTIMUS (about static themes) Yes, I recall you saying so much on a past theme’s comment box….Which is actually perfectly fine, God’s Word teaches not to discriminate & to accept what you are given….so no rebuttal there….& yea when I mean audience you seem to have some caliber of benevolence instilled in you….I mean you had to crawl before you walk not in reverse….I still have respect for you & as for the simplicity featurette that’s fine because Christianity is simple but man (us) always have to either try & be crafty with God’s Word for the wrong reasons or… Read more »


@IceDragon1017: Lol! Thanks, mate! Surprised…? Why? I always put my passion in every theme I make, regardless the type of theme I’m making… πŸ˜‰ And you got audience…? Well, don’t forget I’m the… legendary OPTIMUS, loooool!!! πŸ˜› Anyway, a few things about the theme: 1 – I’m making it by following a single main directive: simplicity. You know, as I see it, it wouldn’t make sense to create a too complex theme to represent something of which simplicity is supposed to be one of the main peculiarities… anyway, the theme should be simple, but somehow effective at the same time.… Read more »


I’ve been trying to make an MotU Dynamic Theme for about a year now. I just can’t get it right yet πŸ™ I have a Boris Valejo painting I’m going to use, but I want to do something with the classic MotU. There are virtually no HD images of classic Thundercats. Someone would have to take screenshots from the DVD/Blu-ray.


OPTIMUS Great Minds think alike….I gotta admit I like how you’re committed to this….very surprised I even gained an audience with you….here’s a toast to the completion of this project….also I Thank God for “this theme”

P.s. “so how much do you charge?” XD Lol


@IceDragon1017 & davidcavs81 => IceDragon1017: Well, the way I conceived the theme actually involves the use of blue, but not too much… not more than necessary, anyway (you’ll see why) As for the scripture: uhm, I think it should fit well to the theme, exactly for the way I conceived it (once again, you’ll see why…) so, no problem! πŸ˜‰ => davidcavs81: Wow! Man, you’re mentioning all stuff from my good old days… πŸ˜€ Well, I actually don’t make dynamic themes, but I usually can collaborate with my friends uLtRaMa6nEt1c and Faxtron, so… we could think about making something like… Read more »


Please, one Robotech, He-man, The thundercarts, Mazinger Z. dinamic theme !!!!


also i’m non-denominational so you won’t have to draw in anything “holier than thou” but more so like something more with like Unity like picture