Man of steel dynamic theme (Updated v1.1)

Theme by Mr_Foxx

im not 100% satisfied but still think it came out ok what you guys think?
Download Here


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Getting a seamless loop with DP is trial & error. I export the animation as a PNG sequence. Then I go through the pics to find the 2 pics that are the same and get rid of what I don’t need including the double image. The trial & error part is figuring out what settings to put for the right speed you want and getting that to match how many frames you’re using. And that process is different every time you create a new animation because presumably every project won’t have the same animation settings.


Nice work right there, I am not good enough to make these kind of themes yet…. +1 by me.


thanks for telling me about the DP software but could you help me with the jump loop how do i fix?


Good theme bro and +1 but you need to deal with the loop or transition on every cycle of the animation. Is very visible the jump of the start and the finish in the animation. This theme have a great potencially to be one of the best MOS themes in this site but need that little fix to be on top. Anyway thanks for this awesome idea and for this theme. I see that DP Animator Maker is used a lot in themes and are helping users to create good themes these days and I like that.


not bad at all


pretty good


im uploading v1.1 now new icons hope you guys like these better


wow this is really good! +1.. only problem are icons.. could of been alot better great job on the background though


@Mr_Foxx – Very nice animations. Not a fan of the icons though. +1
It’s a real trial and error process to get a seamless animation out of the Animation Maker, right? That program comes in handy though ๐Ÿ™‚

@Serina Harper – Did you check your PMs?


im 100% satisfied, dont worry its great.


i think you nailed it ๐Ÿ™‚ as SuperMan said what do you think


huge superman fan yall do good work freaked when i saw new man of steel themes but when i download it says 404 error or something any ideas?