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Hopefully if they do a FLASH movie, it will be written better. I pray Captain America will be better too.


^^No I will not! You are mistaken or can not read- We both said we wanted to like the movie, meaning…We’re fans of Green Lantern but the movie sucked. IGN & Rotten tomatoes also gave it bad reviews. It’s a big butget summer movie with a crappy story line, too much going on & kinda bad CGI. That Jim Carrey penguin movie had better looking CGI!
Real fans will not like the movie but others will, like children, according to ZHerO.


SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU Green Lantern haters


I wanted to like it too but it was god awful. My little girls liked it but they are 9 and 11. To me, Green lantern was always the the Ringo Star of the Justice League.


Man this movie sucked & I wanted to like it. What a jumble-fuck of crap. DC movies suck!! Almost as bad as Jonah Hex. Maybe worth a rent?