Green Lantern The Animated Series

Theme by mrj qqq

This theme has 6 HD/SD backgrounds – best viewed at -2 or -3 for brightness

This complete icon set are all custom made, most from jpg images found though google images. – I spent my fair share with my GIMP2 on this one.

Anyone that has been watching this series will get a kick out of this PS3 theme.

Download Here
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mrj QQQ

Upgrade coming in 1-7 days 🙂

mrj QQQ

Serina Harper- I have looked into this Green Arrow TV series theme, however there isn’t enough content online for a complete theme. Unless YOU know of a site(s) with enough decent images , it’s looking a no go from what I have seen through google. I don’t watch this show myself and when I tried to online there were no episodes that I could get for research ……..Sorry

mrj qqq

Serina Harper- I’m working on an AC/DC one just now , however I will look into it after that.


dude that wasn’t funny could you please just do it ok

mrj qqq

hmmmmm green arrow to eh? What do think uLtRa requests ? …..Ya might rabbit ch’ might


Thanks Man I Love This Show i hope you can make 1 out of the new hit series Arrow based upon Green Arrow

chieu bacca

I watch this show. Excellent icons…….dope +1