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GODZILLA 2014 Dynamic Theme

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

I love Godzilla, so I had to make this real quick. Nothing crazy. I just chopped up a video I extracted from the movie’s website.

1 custom sounds:
> optionmenu (Godzilla’s roar)
Icons made to resemble logo.

Thanks to mr_foxx for the preview video.
Download Here


20 thoughts on “GODZILLA 2014 Dynamic Theme

  1. very good theme please can you make a dynamic theme of lovely bones? i’ts be so great!

  2. GODZILLA theme is great but i think the speed of the fire and rising smoke is a bit to fast.


    @ULTRA: Remembering the previous movie… “Come With Me!” LOOOL!
    Absolutely great theme, mate! +1!

    i love that song i wish they had that for this movie

  4. doom:

    haven’t seen you in ages man
    stagevw is back kinda!!

    Stagevu lmao yeah, I actually downloaded something from it a few weeks ago, Still iffy though XD

  5. Amazing theme I really like this one, Only thing i didn’t like was the Godzilla roar when using the internet on the pstriple but that’s a problem ya can fix :] +1

  6. @ULTRA: Remembering the previous movie… “Come With Me!” LOOOL!
    Absolutely great theme, mate! +1! 😀

  7. @Serina Harper – Thank you 😀
    I know it’s a little late, but I love Godzilla. I made it in 1 day. I got lucky finding that video.
    Thanks to the admin also for putting this up sooner than expected 🙂

  8. Thank You Ultra for doing this for me i’ve been gone on vacation for awhile but i’m back now 🙂 it’s fantastic

  9. @ThugKnight & snakeman07 – Thanks guys 😀
    I’m with you snakeman07. Did you hear how long that roar is? It’s 5 seconds long. Actually that’s all the time that’s allotted for sounds, so I couldn’t add more if I wanted to. The sounds get annoying really quick to me that’s why I just do that particular sound mostly.
    What Godzilla movie with Matthew Broderick? 😉

  10. Nice job! I don’t agree with anything ThugKnight just said, except that the last Godzilla movie was horrible, but that has NOTHING to do with this film, so why even bring that up? Godzilla stomping his feet and using his roar more would have been an eye and ear sore. You made it classy/slick/ and simple, which is how I like them. +1!

  11. Nice theme Ultra although in my opinion you should have had Godzilla stomping his feet out loud while going through the menus and also adding the roar effect alot more. I didint see this movie nor did I care for it especially after the last Godzilla movie with that Matthew Brodrick and then they made a kids cartoon of it where Godzilla actually talks and is friends with the humans he was not only cheesy but they made look like he was someone’s damn dog. Anyways Happy Memorial Day and Good Job.

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