FRINGE MDT (Multi Dynamic Theme)

Theme by GlowBall

In creating this theme I wanted to keep the theme dynamic, but change the background on start-up like a standard themes have. Dynamic Backgrounds(x8) and icons I created myself. Never seen this published anywhere so if your wondering how to do it check the .xml file within the .p3t. Also this theme come with sounds. Sorry for the bad preview.
Download Here

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I like it, but the roaming words being the same color as the system font makes it hard to read the latter at times…

It’d also be neat to add the red universe stuff in. Might want to wait until the new season to see what they add for that, though.

D dog

love the theme. only complaint is static in the audio. some hot picks of anna torv would be awesome. but super job though really

Q Ball

Could use some Walter, but otherwise extremely well done. Could you do one for Doctor Who?


Way to push the envelope dude! Best theme of the week award.