Final Fantasy Advent Children HD

Theme by DarkRapture

1920×1080 HD FFAC Theme. Comes with two backgrounds with custom icons, and FF7 menu sound effects.
Download Here

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pls change the SOUNDS to the normal PS3 Sounds


WTF it wont show the background on my ps3

ex soldier zack

THE SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Not a very good theme. The only thing good is the wallpaper which looks like its just been saved and transferred to the theme.


i agree with honema perhaps the sound effect when loading a saved file from ff7 would be a good alternative if not switch the confirmation sound with the notification sound


nice theme, i like ALOMOST everything about it. i just don’t like the sound effect made when i press X on the theme, it gets kinda annoying after a while, think you could change it? if you don’t mind that is. other than that particular sound effect, the theme is awsome.

if you do change it, can you let me know via email. thank you ^_^