Daenerys Stormborn (Dynamic Theme)

Theme by RPGDarkLord101

This theme is based on the Make Believe theme from the Dynamic Theme editor. It basically has words and phrases appear, move, and/or phase on the screen.

ICON CREDITS: The clear icons were from uploader uLtRaMa6nEt1c’s Avengers theme.

Spoiler Warning! Spoiler Warning! Spoiler Warning!

If you only watch the TV series and don’t read the books, some phrases or the description may spoil the story progression for you. I can’t just wait for season 3 of Game Of Thrones or the 6th book Winds of Winter, so I decided to pay homage to both the books and TV series in my own way.

Why Daenerys Targaryen Again? I love Emilia Clarke the most on this show.

This theme focuses on titles given to Danny throughout the books
The order of the dynamic phrases go as follows:

Mother of Dragons
Bride of Fire
Slayer of Lies
Mother of Dragons
The Unburnt
Breaker of Shackles
Download Here

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