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“Continue?” is a weekly webseries where 3 friends play retro games and at the end say wheither they’d continue to play it or not. Sounds pretty simple but it can be pretty entertaining, easily one of my favorite webseries.

You can watch it on their youtube channel:

I tried to capture the overall theme they use for the show itself the best I could, not much available to work with though and had to make 99% of it from scratch 😛
Download Here

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I just bought a PS3 Slim for the sole purpose of jailbreaking it into a complete retro gaming station of MAME, NES, SNES and GBA games. I don’t even think it will be used for PS3 games at all, except for maybe hooking it up to my ordinary PS3 for older PS3 LAN games. This theme will be perfect for the cause. Thank you! The icons are really well detailed!


very original great work