Black Lagoon #3 – Silent Version

Theme by jmk1999

Black Lagoon theme without sound.
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I’m sure of one thing, and not sure of two: Sure of: I don’t want credit! Not Sure of: What the Mac uses for XML editing. Why the Font option 3 inevitably crashes the Theme creator GUI. However, as for sharing the the creative processes with like user… i’m all for that. Those sub folder icon are different dimensions ie. icon_video_default icon_video_album_default 228×128, 32-bit PNG icon_photo_default icon_photo_album_default 170×128, 32-bit PNG But I bet you knew what since you have those cool main icon at 128 X 128; and the craZy pointers at 48 X 48. Only one pointer had the… Read more »


the “censored” stamp is because it A) looked cool and B) had no gun shot sounds. lol… anyway, i’m not familiar with PS3 Theme Builder since i use Theme Creator for the Mac. but… if there’s any problems with it, i’m not really aware of them other than that the sub-folder icons for the video section don’t work. not sure why… but i’ve seen other themes with the same issue on the same icons. i’d fix it all, but i’m not really great on coding or anything. anything you might be able to help with would be great. i can… Read more »


Loaded this great them in PS3 Theme Builder version 3.0, Not sure why (other than hype to market) that it has the CENSORED stamp, but it is cool anyhow.
It crashed the progy, so I examined the xml file that the theme was built on.
changed the _font selection_ value from 3 to 1
removed the _setable_ header

And as I was browsing the cool pointers. Found this on the Pen icon selection, found this lil’ bug
Value of ’44’ is not valid for ‘Value’. ‘Value’ should be between ‘Minimum’ and ‘Maximum’.


thank you