Batman 1989

Theme by Matthew Western

This updated theme of the ’89 Batman movie comes packed with 16 background images from the film for HD and SD viewing. Hope you all enjoy the theme, and I welcome your feedback.
Download Here
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………..”and as you can see….i’m alot happier”


SWEET!!! Only thing better would be 1966 Batman theme… thnx 4 awesome theme..

Matthew Western

Hey there, thanks for the feedback!
I may or may not update again, but if there is a new update, you can be sure that I’ll release 2 versions of this theme. One with full icon coverage, and another with icons as they are.
To answer your question, I’m using Sony’s distributed theme compiler/builder, GIMP 2 for image editing, notepad for text editing, and this tutorial!


Yeah, I really like it! But if you had drawn all the other icons in the same way, this theme would have been even better: unfortunately, those white icons completely clash with the darkness… of the Dark Knight. ๐Ÿ™


Cool! I like this theme.
I’d like to see the rest of the icons finished. (FYI, the maximum amount of backgrounds you can have is now 24).
What theme builder are you using?