Arrested Development

Theme by Max Miller

I’ve been working on this theme for a few days, and I’m happy to say that I’m ready to show the current version.

I plan on doing custom icons for everything once my tablet and Vista (I know) decides to stop being a detriment to my work habit. I’ll link to the finished product upon completion, and I’d like to know your thoughts on it so far.

Also, this theme is primarily for HD televisions. The backgrounds for HD will change between a whopping NINE different images (WOWZERS!), but it’s the same image for SD. If demand is high enough, I will make all the images compatible with SD, but I’m almost positive SD is dead by now. :3

Version 0.0.2

Known Issue: It seems the PS3 cuts off part of the image border (or at least it does on my TV), so that the header for the Season One episodes in the top right corner do not appear. This is being investigated, but I am a lazy son of a bitch and will probably not fix it. 😀

Download Here

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please make it for SD, I’ve wanted an Arrested Development theme so bad


Hey , this is great ! finally a ps3 theme from the best tvshow ever . i guess a Portia de Rossi theme is next ?? 😉