American Horror Story

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I just started watching American Horror Story and I already love it. At first I tried to use the same icons I used in my AMR themes, but I thought the best icons here would be subtle and barely visible, so I decided to use the icons from the “Street Fighter Collection” theme created by NoGood56er again.
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Love this show knew there be a second season as soon as the first ended. I read about some of the actors from season 1 returning in different roles which will be very intresting. Im hoping Alexandra Breckenridge will return even of its a different role.


I only knew that there will be a second season and after the end of the first I wondered how the story could go on.
Hopefully they don’t screw it up.


Watched the entire first season with my wife. Very good story. Did you know the second season is going to be completely different? Some actors are returning, but in new roles. Jessica Lange is returning, but her original character Constance isn’t.