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It seems incredible, guys, but I had a little more time to quickly make this theme!
Actually, it should have been one of my first themes for when I joined this site (and maybe the quality is not so good) but I never uploaded it…
So, I just had to put together the existing material and I used my “Reflective Metal Theme” icons you’ve already appreciated, guys.
Well, let’s say this is a “just for fun theme”… πŸ˜›

-4 HD/SD backgrounds
-handmade icons
-XP sounds


Download Here

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LOL! Thanks, bro!
You can use them if you like! πŸ˜›


those sounds are amazing gotta borrow those, lol


haven’t seen any of your themes for awhile thot something was up. Hope to see some of your themes soon.


i hope u didnt think i disappeared! turns out i’ll have to wait a little longer for my laptop. all packages from u.k to ireland have been delayed because of the bomb threats! i literally have had no way to work on themes in 2 months. πŸ™


Thanks, bro!
Ok, I’ll try to do whatever I can!


Just the PS3 Fat and the standard icons please.

Hope everything works out for you m8,

Just when you get a chance m8 no rush.

Thanx again


Well… I just hope to have enough time because, as I explained to the other friends, I’m in big troubles and I have to find a new home and a new job πŸ™

Ok, NavySeal74, just let me understand exactly what’s your request:

1) Do you want the same XPS3 theme, plus the PS3 Fat and the standard icons?

2) Or… do you want a simple theme (as if it was the PS3’s basic one) that shows just the PS3 Fat and the standard icons?

(For “standard icons” I mean the XMB basic ones)


Just when you can m8 no hurry. -)


: Thanks! Well, I don’t really know if I still have enough time, because I’m having serious troubles… but I’ll try to fulfill your request if I can.

: Wow! Thanks a lot, Dennis! I consider this a real honour!

: Thanks man! I’m glad you appreciate: it’s always a pleasure!


cool theme, just mada a new one myself, i used your icons but changed them blue, thanks


I broke my rule of not voting. 5 Stars!


Nice theme m8 as per usual.

Can you please make me a fat ps3 theme With just basic icons.