The last sunset: the adventure is over…

Theme by OPTIMUS

After 6 years of honorable service, my companion in thousands adventures is no more…
Together we’ve climbed mountains, fought demons, crossed seas, raced on tracks around the world, visited the past and saw the future, traveled to alien worlds, killed monsters and knocked down robots, discovered treasures, busted ghosts, defeated terrorists, wrestled against champions, faced the gods, explored islands, stopped the Oblivion armies and hunted hundreds of dragons, arrested bandits in the Far West, foiled international conspiracies…

We were heroes, infamous, snakes, criminals, gods, pirates, fighters, monsters, cowboys, assassins, soldiers, executioners, beasts, androids…
We’ve been condemned and redeemed, abused, infected and treated, persecuted, imprisoned and freed, ascended to heaven and then plunged to hell… and despite all, we always survived!

But last night, my companion and I have accepted a new challenge… so, we decided to face a new evil that resided on a forgotten island.
Once arrived, we noticed the island was imbued by a surreal atmosphere and the air smelled of death. In the distance we could see shapeless silhouettes that seemed to be something like piles composed by worms and bugs, but they were motionless like rocks scattered among vegetation and buildings.
An odd stillness pervaded the area, so we started exploring the environment by moving cautiously because we had a bad feeling, since there was too much silence around us…
We walked for a while, but far away from those strange piles, and from where we were it was possible to see the sea, so we took a small road leading to the beach: the path was difficult because of dense vegetation, but we reached the beach anyway.
The scent of the ocean was relaxing and the sea breeze was a relief from the scorching heat, so we started looking around, enchanted by the panorama and we walked in the direction of a lighthouse when we suddenly heard inhuman screams that made us freeze the blood in veins: we only had time to see human figures running toward us, and within few seconds we’ve been surrounded and overpowered… we tried to react, but they have taken us by surprise and we couldn’t fight back promptly because they were too many. In the middle of that mess I saw a rusty hammer on the ground, so I grabbed it and I started beating blows right and left, hoping to create a breakthrough that would allow me to get out of that turmoil: for every blow, the blood of those who perhaps were once human splashed everywhere, and for every blow I felt that their stubborn resistance was gradually decreasing, so with all the strength I had left, I kept hitting and hitting and hitting…
After having dealt the final blow, everything stopped and I remained lying on the sand for a while, trying to regain my strength.
When I got up I was completely drenched in blood, which dripped into my eyes preventing me from seeing what was around me… I dried it with a flap of my ripped shirt and my thought immediately ran to my companion. I started looking everywhere, hoping to find her among the remains of all those bodies, but I didn’t notice that in the heat of battle I moved few meters away.
So I got back to where we’ve been attacked and… I saw her! She was lying helpless on the ground, surrounded by other corpses, and a cold shiver fell down my back: her blue eye was closed and the other one, which was once a beautiful green color, had become yellow. I rushed to my companion hoping to revive her, but I didn’t have the time to get closer that the yellow eye started flashing of a red color like the blood. Everything around me has stopped at that very moment and I kept staring at that eye for a time that seemed endless, hoping to see it getting back to life, but I eventually realized that this wouldn’t happen…

With her I lost all memories, all the smiles, the emotions and all the good times we spent together.
There were still many worlds to see and so many adventures to live… but maybe she was too old by now, or maybe she was only tired of following me.

My dear companion is no more. She… she’s dead!
Thank you for everything, I will never forget you!
Rest in Peace, my beloved PS3… πŸ™
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ThundeR Sliyfox

RIP My first PS3 with 60GB and tetra cooler… Daddy’s love ya… I hate the ps3 slim, super slin and ps4. Very nice theme… Almost make me cry πŸ™


And nice story too…


My old shiny 60 GB PS3 is dead too… I know how you feel…
However, great theme.


Hello all, long time no see. This theme sucks. Idk probably not. Didn’t download it. Just left a sarcastic remark & I’m out. Much love OPTIMUS.




Ohhh nooo you got ylod … I feel you man :((( i’ve had to buy 2 new babies after getting that yellowness


truly beautiful m8 hope your new companion ( if u ever get over your lose) lasts a lifetime πŸ™‚


Unbelieveable!!! Vacuuming my PS3 worked!!! I’m in love with my PS3 again. I’ve had mine for 5 years and now it sounds new again. Thanks for the tip guys πŸ™‚


just lol…….


: Thanks a lot, mate!
Well, it’s just that I really like to make themes, so I simply keep making them. My only regret is that, even if I try, I cannot do much using the left hand… πŸ™

As for SSX, don’t worry, my friend: as I said, take all the time you need! πŸ˜€


: Oh man! Thinking of all the steps you followed for the sounds, I can only imagine how much effort you’ve put to make the theme… I can’t wait!
Another great classic is coming! πŸ˜€


: Yep! You know, aside all the bugs and other stuff, I think there really is something evil in that game: I heard that many people lost their PS3 playing it… O_O
But I don’t care anymore: I definitely left that island, and I will not get back there ever again… I just want to revive my good old PS3, hoping to retrieve all the stuff I lost! πŸ™


: Looool! Yeah, that’s true! πŸ˜›

Whaaat? You didn’t finish reading my fantastic story?!?
Oh man… what a shame! πŸ˜€


: Thanks a lot / Sorry for that… πŸ˜›


: Loool! πŸ˜€


+1… my friend you know I’m one of your fan. Your working with your condition so if I can I will give you +2, but I can’t. Like I said in other comment you are a true warrior making themes.

For other hand sorry my friend for now I still have not been able to fix the ssx i’m extremely busy this days but I will try to do it the next week. πŸ™‚


OPTIMUS: @F-Rott: Thanks a lot, Dennis! What’s your next theme??? Should be up soon! I made a sequel to the Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! theme. It’s… Super Punch-Out!! for the SNES. I put a lot of work into it. It’s very crisp and clear. Very HD. Played through the entire game on an emulator and took screenshots using the FN+PRTSC method, since taking screenshots using the emulator’s screenshot function yielded super small pictures. The sounds were ridiculous. I got them from the game using a variety of methods. I used SNESSOR95 to rip from the ROM, then I also recorded an… Read more »


What a coincidence my old ps3 got YLOD on dead island too last year, unfortunately my slim has been very loud and slow the last few weeks, so if that breaks I’m going to try to resurrect my 60gb since I want to finish dead island and get my cars back for GT5. Although I have some brilliant rare cars I still don’t have my glorious collection of vintage cars I had on my 60gb.


u r crazy man…but that was official (even though i didnt read all of it, lol)


Love it… /cry =P (b’ . ‘ )b


uh put ur story in a link , not on a theme site itself πŸ™‚

but nice theme


: Exactly! I was playing that damn game!

Telling this story has been a way to ease my pain somehow, but I wanted to tell so that everyone could enjoy it from different points of view, you know… πŸ˜‰
Well, I bought a Slim, but I’m seriously thinking of reviving my good old PS3 Fat… it’ll be a hard work, but I wanna retrieve all the game saves, at least: hundreds of hours playing Oblivion/Fall Out/Skyrim, the games I was still playing, not to mention all the time I spent collecting cars in GT5, and so on… πŸ™


: Hey friend! Thanks a lot!
I’m so glad to hear you again!

Well, I’m half paralyzed after the last blackout my brain had… but, as you can see, I’m still able to make something, loool! πŸ˜›
So, let’s say I’m fine, after all! Thanks! πŸ˜€

Oh man… you’re not using your PS3 anymore… why??? πŸ™


: You got it right, bro: the intention was to make all of you guys part of my suffering… lol! πŸ˜›

Thanks a lot, mate! πŸ˜€


Hmm.. Were you playing Dead Island? lol

Sorry to hear about your PS3 man! The whole yellow/green eye part of your story was pretty intense too.

I recently revived mine actually, but have been keeping my fingers crossed ever since.

Bringing it back from the dead is not all that fun tbh, lol stressful everytime it’s turned on now.


Hi everyone
Hi optimus very nice story and I know this theme is relly awesome even if I am not using my ps3 anymore. Anyway how are you man I really hope your ok .
o yea I am really sorry about your PS3.


: Thanks a lot, mate! I’m really glad to hear you again!

And… yeah, maybe you’re right!
Only thing I cannot stand is that my old PS1 and PS2 are still alive (especially the PS1, which is nearly 20 years old now…) I bought them at day1, like the PS3, but they still perfectly work.

R.I.P my dear PS3! πŸ™


: Thanks a lot, Dennis! πŸ˜€
What’s your next theme???


@uLtRaMa6nEt1c: Loool! Well, glad you liked the story! You know, I took inspiration from the game I was playing when my PS3 died, and there are lots of clues in it: so… have you guessed what’s the game? πŸ˜‰ As for your PS3, Kwazy’s right: you should try cleaning it by using a low power vacuum to remove the dust (much better if you open the PS3’s upper side when you do that)… I always did it one time every two months, and my PS3 lived for almost 6 years. About my health… well, it’s stable for now. The strange… Read more »


@VS.: I thank you, mate, and… as a Playstation fan since the glorious PS1 days in 1994, I’m really sorry to know you lost 2 PS3s already… I hope your third one will last for a veeery long time! Well, I already bought a PS3 slim 160GB time ago, but… you know, it’s no longer the same thing: the new one is less elegant, not to mention the fact it is no more compatible with the old games. But what I really cannot stand is that, compared to the original PS3, it’s very poor of features like the integrated cards… Read more »


holy shit heart has never ached for sumone elses ps3..great story telling..i was hooked the entire way..i feel like i should do sumthin or pour out sum of a 40 for her…i miss her and iv never known her…lol..wish u the best bro…and my condolences sir


Have you tried cleaning the dust out of your ps3? I had the same problem until I vacuumed all of the dust out of mine a few days ago.

Nice job OPTIMUS. And also, you and your companion have fought many battles together, but perhaps it is time when she has her long awaited rest.


Nice story, and nice theme!


Yo man, the title and that story almost scared me until i kept reading, then i had to laugh a little. I thought you was about to do some prophetic Tupac shit. Nice and painful story. I fear that i will be telling a similar story soon as my system has been dubbed the PlayStation Jet for almost a year now because it sounds like its about to take off, lol. Beautiful theme. Hope your health is getting better +1.
Did you do this theme with your newly aquired left-handed skills?


I feel sorry for you pal. 2 of 3 ps3’s died on me
With bd drive and ylod… I bought a third one the Xbox wasn’t Holding me I love thenps3 I am play station patriot, I hope you get a new ps3 but be sure i feel with you and … Nice storytelling! R.I.P Playstation 3