The Crow by DK

Theme by Daniel Keen

The Crow
Theme by Daniel Keen
Version One

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What would be really awesome, is if you could find the Mael font and use that… it’s pretty much the font they used for the title. otherwise this is awesome


I actually wanted to use that photo, but I couldn’t find a hi-res copy for HD wallpaper. That one just wasn’t out there at a high enough quality to work. I also cropped the version I had to 16×9 and it looked bad, so it would’ve needed a lot of work even if I could find a good copy. Good thing is, you can still use your own wallpaper, so just set the theme and then use that jpeg instead, if you’re happy with it. 🙂


Nice one. You need the pic with him sitting in a chair. this pic comment image
with out the “the crow or ANYTHING just that pic and the icons. and this would be AWESOME


I hope Crow fans enjoy my theme. It took several weeks to complete and went through many redesigns. I tried my best to make a theme that does this iconic film justice and I hope I have. I took and edited almost 800 screencaptures from the film and created over 500 total icons and 3 original wallpapers before I finished. Look for new versions in the future…

3 HD+SD wallpapers (with alternate versions of 2)
70+ individual icons
Crow Internet Pointers