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My first theme. 3 wallpapers plus sound. Enjoy.
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8 thoughts on “Steampunk

  1. love the unique theme. I have to say I’m more of a fan of the sounds than the background would you mind shooting me an email regarding the sounds?

  2. could you please please please send me the background with the girl ( the one it shows above) I absolutely love the theme but im more of a one background kinda guy and I love this pic, or a link to where you found the pic would be great, but i like yours with the ps3 buttons and logos

  3. Thanks for the feedback so far guys. I’ll look at an update sometime in the future. I found the backgrounds randomly online and then tweaked them to add the buttons and Playstation 3 logo, etc.

  4. This theme is awesome! I love the icons and sounds. Where did you get the backgrounds?

  5. great theme but can u make the message notification window look like charred paper or something, its too bright i cant read the white letters on it

  6. Awesome theme. Love the consistency of the theme down through all of the icons. Wish it had more wallpapers and a slightly less obtrusive ratcheting sound while scrolling through the menus…although I loved the steam sound using the back (circle) button.
    Love to see more of your themes as they come out!

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