Rings of Saturn

Theme by Dennis “F-Rott” Ferrand
4410-ringsofsaturn.jpgV 1.1. Added all the new and changed Icons to be 2.70 compatible, and darkened the backgrounds just a little.
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You’d think when they are making money, they wouldnt come along to these free websites and rip off ideas from guys who are just making themes for the fun of it. They really must be the lowest of the low. If it was my themes, i wouldn’t stop making more. I make themes because I like having my own ideas and creativity on my ps3. disruptive publishers can never take that from me.


Take it as a complement?? You do such good work “professional” theme makers use your ideas!!


I know! WTF!?


No good! Shady fucks!


I know, right? Makes me want to watch everything I make because those thieving bastards are going to profit off of OUR creativity. Should I even CONTINUE to make Themes? Everything I make might get stolen for profit by these people out there that have no ideas of their own.


those corporate bastards we should pee on their lawns for ripping off this awesome theme!


Disruptive Media Publishers is ripping this theme right off. They basically took all of my ideas and made it a Dynamic Theme.


Oh yeah, very good theme! I’d like to know which program you used to make that stone effect on the icons: I really like it!