Red and Black Cubes

Theme by elijahblake

1 SD/HD Background Custom hand made Home Row icons… Thanks for the tips Optimus…
Download Here
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Great Theme..


Awesome theme man. My favorite as of right now. Keep it up.


really don’t remember where I got that background.. I’ve had it for a long time.



brilliant theme were did you get the red and black cube picture from ?? :-]


Great background i think its awsome. but not ahuge fan of the icons


Don’t mention it! Have a good work! 😀


ok thanks bro. I’ll try to get around to that soon. Thanks a million for the details..


No, it doesn’t have because you need to add the new icons by yourself. Ok, follow this steps: -In the main bar, click TOOLS==>LAUNCH ICON MANAGER. A new window will appear: on the left, there’s the “main menu icons” column and on the right there’s the “submenu icons” column. (but you already know, I suppose… :P) -In the left column, click on GAMES to display the sub icons to the right and under the “submenu icons” column click on the ADD NEW ICON button: the window EDIT ICON will appear. -In this window, there’s the “icon name” space in which… Read more »


ok when i launch the icon manager and go under games it has:
Game file/Game Album/Game Data/Memory Card/New VMC/Saved Data/Trophy…
It doesn’t have PS minis, isn’t that where it’s supposed to show up?


Niice. Thanks for sharing


That’s weird! I have PS3 Theme Builder 3.0 and I can update the icons without problems…
Ok, check the main menu: there should be the option TOOL ===> LAUNCH ICON MANAGER. Then, let me know, ok?
Anyway, if you don’t have that option, I suggest you to download the last version of theme builder from “” site.


ok optimus, the ps3 theme builder i’m using doesn’t seem to have those to items listed in the icons… So not sure how to fix that..

I’m using PS3 Theme Builder downloaded off of this site..


yeah i saw that.. i will work on that…


Hahaha! No problem, bro: glad to know that I’ve been helpful in some way! 😀 Any time you need, let me know!
This theme is reeeeeeeeally nice! 5 stars!

P.S.: (my last tip… :P) there’s something I was telling you in your last theme: you need to update the icons adding MINIS and CHAT ROOM TEXT that came with firmware 3.15
This way, your themes will be more complete. 😀