PS3THEMES Dynamic Theme

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

I made this theme to show appreciation to this website for allowing us to have a forum to show our creativity and share it with others.
I bill this as a spiritual successor of OPTIMUS’ ‘PS3 THEMES: once you’ve started, you’re addicted!’ theme from which I extracted the icons. Sounds taken from GlowBall’s ‘Playstation Store Dynamic’ theme. Enjoy.

If anyone wants to add me my PSN ID is ultrama6net1c
Download Here


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Mannnnnnn you’re right on the dot again!! Love this theme!! Some could say it is ”simple”.. but clean and elegant rather describe it best!
Kudos to OPTIMUS and Glowball for the icons and sounds also 😉

P.S.: how about a gold edition of this?? lol


Love this theme! I would like to see a version without the sounds


Thanks a lot bro. Get better, we need you here.


: I never had problems to let others use my icons (provided they give credit as you did) because it means they appreciate my work…
That being said, thanks a lot for giving me credit. And let me say you did a very good job, mate: I gave you a “Like point”! 😀


I like the theme and I love the website, but can you make one without the huge ps3theme logo?


@GuerillaMo should at least color them to match the colors of the logo? I was thinking of doing some minor updates.


They’re probably trolls, disliking stuff without explaining why. 😉

On topic: Nice theme, bro. Can you change the icons to the standard PS3 icons?


If you ‘dislike’ a theme you should comment on what you didn’t like. I’m always looking to improve so any criticism is welcome. Just be civil about it. I’m sure other theme makers would appreciate the same courtesy.


you should use this background wth the plain original ps3 icons also.


nice theme and your doing a lot of good themes lately so keep it up


Thanks for that. I’ve been in real thame making mood lately.


Great job m8 liking the icons aswell 🙂 gave you a like.