PS3.3 Oxygenic

Theme by Holland M.

“Oxygenic is a breath of fresh air. For this release I consulted a chemist who gave us the most oxygen-rich icons he could find and a whole new background! Overdose on a theme that’s bold, gorgeous, and as always- unique and unlike any other. Enjoy.” This week I invite you all to enrich your lives and the way you play. As always you can use a custom background of your choice if you don’t like the one present in the theme because all my themes have universal icons that go well with any background!
Download Here

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OR… you could go to this site via your ps3 and download them directly


Clear and clean-cut theme. Good work.

Terence (Netherlands)

I like this theme very much, and i recommend it by my friend. nicely done.

Montage Mik

on your PC make a folder called PS3 in this make another folder called THEME . Save the p3t files into the THEME folder & then copy the whole PS3 folder to your usb stick.




how do i put these on my ps3 i no how to find them when i put them in on a usb but cant seem to set them as my theme


great theme thanks