PS3.2X Techora

Theme by Holland M

CAMO, DARK, DAWNING, HELL, FIRE & ICE, PURPLE… All words that can describe a theme born from flesh with the heart of a machine. Witness the birth- the arrival, of another 2nd generation theme of mine and this one becomes anything you want it to be.

PS3.2X is yet another 2nd generation theme in my new [GenTu Series] 2009 lineup of themes. This one is a personal best. It’s more than a theme- it’s like an animal. It’s skin is made of the toughest metals and it’s embedded with nano pixel technology that allows it to randomly change to your PS3 environment and its icons change and blend in well everytime it does. What’s one of the worlds most advanced PS3 themes without new sounds and no missing icons? Well this theme comes complete with an exclusive soundset you won’t find anywhere else and 7 HD wallpapers that have, for the first time in my theme-creating history- NEVER BEEN COMPRESSED!! This is my highest quality work ever. Hope you like it and control the beast before it controls you…
Download Here

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I just don’t get it, what’s so special about this theme? Your description makes it sound so much better than it really is. It’s just a nice background with some alright looking icons. The sounds are cool, but get kind of annoying. I’d give this theme an 8/10, and that’s being generous.