PS3 Themes Animated Theme

Theme by RADZ

Heres a theme i made for the best site around for ps3 themes this was all made by me radz.
Download Here


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I hope you don’t count me to the top theme makers, cuz I’m not. All I ever do is taking existing themes with fitting icons and exchange the wallpapers.
About likes/dislikes: wouldn’t think too much about it. Of all my 35 themes only 1 got a like and that’s the only hentai theme I ever made. XD


🙂 Thanx guys don’t worry about me was just having a moan day yesterday kids kept me up all night so was in a man mood lol. As for the theme the text was made in c4d and i just wanted it simple really sometimes little is better will maybe redo it when i have time but thanx again for the comments means alot from you top theme makers you know who you are.


Hey man, don’t worry about those dislikes. They’re most likely from ppl who have no idea what it takes to make a theme. Haterz.


5 dislikes?
how can there be 5 dislikes the only thing that needs doing is the icons and they can do it themselves or are they retarded i wonder


It’s nice, but I think it would look better if the background would move or down or maybe diagonal and the PS3 Themes writing not moving at all.


As RoBeast said mate, don’t let that “dislikes” thing affect your inspiration and motivation on creating themes. You are a great theme maker for me one of the best on this site 🙂


Don’t let the dislikes get you down radz. Nice theme! Btw, Im still struggling with your upload. Its driving me nuts…



$#!t you beat me to it. I’m doing the same theme.

M8 still do one im sure it will be good.


$#!t you beat me to it. I’m doing the same theme.


Wow 4 dislikes maybe my last theme here.