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PS3 Numbers 24 Hour – 24 RAF/Slideshow/Animated Theme 1080p

Theme by eddie2dope

This theme was created for informational purposes only. This theme contains 24 separate animated/slideshow backgrounds combined into 1 p3t file. Each Background is 15 frames at 1920x1080p resolution. Totaling 360 frames. They are set to PS3’s showtype-datetime hourly veiwing when theme is reapplied every hour then it will change to the next background. It contains five sounds that play with navigation within the xmb menu. Also if you use the p3t extractor tool to take it apart then you could use that to create your very own theme. Typically creating a file like this would be much larger than allowed here, but since this one did not I thought I would share it and the info! If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to do so. Enjoy!
Download Here

2 thoughts on “PS3 Numbers 24 Hour – 24 RAF/Slideshow/Animated Theme 1080p

    This theme was originally built for testing..Then recreated for informational purposes for all you PS3 theme builders out there! It’s kinda cool too! I used the AnimatedTools package. It displays in 24 hour format to the hourly number to the time on your ps3. This theme contains 24 Raf files which can be animation or slideshows. This example contains 15 frames at 1080p per Raf. So 360 frames total! Now if you went with 720p it would total at 34 frames per Raf would be 816 frames. With these numbers in mind you can now build a pretty awesome Slideshow without repeating the same pictures all day long. Or 24 separate animated backgrounds. Or a mix of both. The choice is yours. Now the only question is how many Raf’s and how many frames do you want? It is linked to PS3 time to play the Raf file that is listed to the hour it was assigned to, but unfortunately it has to be reapplied every hour in order to change or when entering a game and then exiting after the hour will change it. If you do not link it to PS3 time then it will chose randomly every time it’s reapplied in the mentioned ways. However the sounds and icons all will be the same between all Raf’s applied to the p3t file as far as I know. I have 5 sounds that play with navigation of the xmb menu, but that is always optional as well as what set of icons you use. I invite you to download this and use the p3t extractor tool to take my theme apart and create your own. I haven’t yet discovered any file size limits of a p3t file, but if you do then please let me know so that we can share that information to others. If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to do so. Enjoy and share the information however possible.

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