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Outdoor Fireplace ( Animated Theme )

Theme by CyborgNinja

This Animated Theme is based on Outdoor Fireplace .

5.0 Version Notes :
1 Animated Video
5 Icons

Credits :
Original Creators – who created the Animation video & Icons.
Myself – who put this Animated Theme together
Download Here

5 thoughts on “Outdoor Fireplace ( Animated Theme )

  1. No the icons are okay in my view , except thanks for the feedback , i will change the icons with complete full seethrough icons and i switch the account management icon to a modern icon that actually works with the animated theme and the trophy icon aswell.

  2. Great seamless animation, but those icons are not good. Zadkiel’s Naruto Shippuden SlideShow’s fiery icons would look cool with this. TechNinja’s clear icons would work too.
    +1 for animation. -1 for icons. I didn’t vote.

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