Moons of Jupiter

Theme by Dennis “F-Rott” Ferrand

Moons of Jupiter Theme

4 Backgrounds
Absolutely NO SOUNDS
I am not responsible if you turn your TV up and forget to turn it back down. I have a child that sleeps in the adjoining room, so this is the perfect theme for me when I need to keep quiet.

Be careful! You just might learn something.

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Hopefully an insider will leak the kit & make it public. Kinda like what happens with prototypes, game scripts, movie work prints etc. Call it gullible or hope, whatever you fancy lol. Awesome theme btw. Thanks for sharing Dennis!


to be fair, dynamic themes are probably alot more difficult to make, but even the most basic animation would bring a theme to life, it will never happen though


I got a 37% on my astronomy test this year…Lol I hate space.

Good theme though.

Brian Q.

Pretty cool although my my favorite planets are Saturn & Neptune, this is still a cool theme


Yeah, it would be great if we could use that compiler to create dynamic themes. Unfortunately, that’s not a normal compiler, but a “dev kit” and Sony will never make it available… 🙁

Great work, F-Rott! It reminds me of “Rings of Saturn” theme! 5*


very nice theme dude

i can only imagine if talented fellas like yourself had access to the tech for dynamic themes

imagine this one as a dynamic theme.

5 stars