Mary Jane Dynamic

Theme by Dustin McCloud

This theme was made in request to Reef. Background doesnt show the girl in sd only hd. Hope you like it Reef!(:
Download Here
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can u put the girl in the middle but bigger and her smoke could be animated with animated smoke around her?

Dustin McCloud

Killuminati i have one without the girl man. search “Weed Dynamic”

Dustin McCloud

Night Soul i have no idea man sorry):


What program did you use and can you make another one without the girl in the background because it is a great theme.

Night Soul

Icons and sound are working but I can’t see any background image,only my default color, why?? 🙁


amazed.simply amazed. GREAT icons, dynamic bud needs work tho

Dustin McCloud


Hell yeah Dustin I love it! A million thank yous to you my friend!

Anytime man, just glad to help out. Hope its what you wanted!


how about a dynamic amrican pitbull one


PLEASE make annother one with green fog and just simple pot leafs and maybe some nice background… I dunno Like I dont like the Icons. maybe something close to orignal over laping a pot leaf or somen, just mostley more bland. lol just green fog and yeah i’m gonna down load this one any way and have a look


Hell yeah Dustin I love it! A million thank yous to you my friend!