Mary Jane

Theme by Mr.Fussy

Theme contains 8 HD pictures adjusted for quality with all unwanted watermarks removed. This is only my second theme so feel free to leave a comment and any tips for making my themes better in the future, thanks.

‘High’ quality icons by E-clipZe
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Hey again Susan, the theme you wanted has been up-loaded so just search ‘Mr.Fussy’ and you will see a version with just the main picture in it this time, it will be up in around a week from when this comment was posted…….I know I know…….I’m cool right ? lol


Hey Susan : )
Sorry been away for a while, I totally get what you’re saying as I myself actually prefer it when a theme only has one picture so it stays the same each time you switch on the PS3. So just for you I’ll up-load a version with only the Mary Jane picture in it.


would love it if you made a theme with just the girl and pot leaf, thought this was it then it changed to other pics guess i didn’t read the description


@Jmulla 08, no problem man, you’re welcome.


Mr.Fussy, ha well he does have his own type of bud and i would have to say hes my favorite rapper, thanks for the replying back


Hey Jmulla 08, I had to look up Wiz khalifa to find out what it was, at first I thought it was a type of bud lol, cool man I like Rap/Hip Hop music and I haven’t heard of the singer you mention until now, I’ll give the music a listen and if I like it then maybe I’ll make a theme with him in it, thanks for the suggestion : )


I never really expected such quick responses to themes that I made and it just shows how busy this site is. Is that a request for a standard def version smokeit210 ? If so then of course I’ll make an SD version for you, it was just the limit of the 15 meg up-load that made me use only HD pictures, sorry about that…..SD version coming soon lol.


can u make this theme regular not hd


You should make some Wiz khalifa themes