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Theme by Mr.Fussy

A simple theme containing only one HD picture, sometimes a theme only needs one picture I feel so I hope you like it ? From my ‘1 Theme 1 Pic’ series.

I’m looking for the icon creators name because I don’t know who made them, I’ve tried searching but have had no luck finding their name yet, if anyone knows who created them could you let me know so I can give credit in the future please ?
Download Here

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Thanks for the positive vibes Famine02, I welcome criticism when it’s constructive, good or bad because it’ll help me make better themes. I’ve only made a handful of themes so I’ve a long way to go yet : )


I Love This Theme!!!!!! I Think The Biggest Promblem Is When Somebody Creates There Theme On Here They Go Way Off Track With It With A Different Picture That Doesnt Make Sinse With There Theme Why Not Use The Same Girl Same Theme But Different Poses Like Example Anati Pearl And Anati Pearl 2 Same Girl Same Theme Different Poses