Legalize Weed

Theme by Pete990

Legalize marijuana! ganja,, cannabis, hemp, weed, pot, peace
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nice ty


good ish


Hey Junior, so you think this theme is better than my chronic 2010 theme? Well there are 84 voters and over 30,000 downloads that says otherwise. I know its your opinion and all, but everybody makes mistakes.


hell yea dis theme is da shit LEGALIZE dat shit Ha 5/5


ur a dumbass. HA!!!


i can download it, but can’t open the file what am i doing wrong ???


thats fukd up bout pete990 stealin ur icons but i personally think this theme is better. my opinion. hope nobody starts talkin head bout this comment


Hey Pete990, Just a word of advice. If you’re going to use icons and backgrounds from my Chronic 2010 theme, you should at least give me some credit.


wow this guy. tryin to talk crap over a ps3 website? ha i dont even use this shit everyday like your faggot ass. go outside or something more to life then games son!

Dustin McCloud

Great theme man:D LEGALIZE POT EVERYONE!!!!! 5/5


^^You are not missing the backgrounds. You just can’t see them because they are in HD & you must still have a SD tv. Stop spending all your money on pot, save a little bit of money (we know you don’t pay rent for living in your mom’s basement) & get a HD tv, they’re real cheap now days. HAHA!! Live in the now man! SD tv’s are so PS2


im missing the bachground. fix it and it will be perfect!!!


i know im stoned playin b.o listening to wiz khalifa with a joint in 1 hand an a smoke in the other still blazing


iv been lookin for a theme lyk dis thanks man i love the towel icon from south park. 5/5 theme is awesome

holden mgroin

think that guys stoned? ^

Little Ykaros Rasta

hey man this is the theme of me are wanteding!Soooo Coooler!Thank you Pete990,i owe you.


really good theme. 4/5 missing 2 icons but no biggy the rest are awesome. LEGALIZE!