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Jack Skellington Drawing Theme

Theme by Infinite Reaper

Here’s the Jack drawing theme with 16 HD/SD misc. backgrounds. My fiend Nikki this is for you as you were the inspiration for the theme.

Special thanks to SiLv3rDu5t-stock for icon brushes and Disney n all the misc. artist for their picture artwork.

Download Here

2 thoughts on “Jack Skellington Drawing Theme

  1. No, Either You Have Bad Internet Connection, Or Your Ps3 Is Being A Jerk, This Is A 14 MB File, With A Average Internet Connection It Should Take Maybe A Min, With A Fast Internet Connection ( Like Mine), It Should Take Less Than 30 Sec, Don’t Demand From A Theme Maker If You Haven’t Looked Into It First, Maybe Someone Was Using The Internet On Another Device…. Desktop,Laptop,Phone etc.

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