Gu Dark v0.1

Theme by Gusev

Hi all,

This is my first PlayStation 3 theme. The theme comes in two flavors: black and white, with two different wallpapers each. Hope you all like it!
My inspiration came from the Photoshop icons and the game Echochrome.
All credits for the font go to Pedrina!
All comments are welcome!!


Known issues:
– Missing six icons (firmware 2.50+).
– Standard XMB sounds, still searching for some nice ones.
– XMB text is very hard to read (sorry, don’t know why we can’t change the font color…SONY?) Solution: Choose “Gu Dark v0.x” ;-).
– Only 2 languages are available at the moment (English and Dutch (on request)).
– If you would like to change the color of the option menu go to Settings > Color > and choose the Grey color (the one just below Original)

p.s. I’m working on two more themes: one that’s almost the same as this one except another font for the icons is used and the other one is inspired by the upcoming Mafia II game.
Download Here

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