Goofy Ponies Theme

Theme by generalmittler

This theme is for the goofy bronies. For the backgrounds I used multiple sources. The first one is from “The Pokemare” by Tiarawhy on youtube. The second one is from “Smile HD” by Mister Davey on youtube. The third one is from “My little Rule 34 artists” also by Tiarawhy on youtube. The forth one is from a flash game by Zone, called “MLP Game”, it can be found on Backgrounds 5-10 are from Backgrounds 11-16 are all from “Friendship is Manly” by kanashiipanda on youtube. The icons I mostly made and found on Google. But the main menu icons are all from a little funny picture I saw and decided to crop it and photoshopped it into the main six. It’s on a flash game called, “Applejack Plays Poker” / “Applejack & Braeburn Poker” / “ApplePoker” by the famous Mittsies (
Download Here
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