Theme by Grant Murray

First go at making a theme. Downloaded default icons from PS3 website (http://tinyurl.com/35ogjjk) and applied some efftects, little brush work and recoloured.

Background is a ‘remake’ of one I found on the net a while back (can’t remember where from), made into HD res, few variations, etc.

Really got to download to see the detail in the icons =]

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I had a few problems with the background, was supposed to be 3 that changed during different times, however, I messed up somehow in the xml… I made a version with a rustie type background to compliment the grungie icons. The reason they are “basic” is because I was only really making it for myself (experimenting) and couldn’t find a usb pen at the time to transfer, so had to use the site to upload and download from. Anyway, I am currently making a v2, more detailed icons, made sounds to go with (nothing OTT, just dirtier sounds than default)… Read more »


probably one of the worst themes i’ve downloaded, no background wallpaper and icons are just plain boring sorry


Nice theme, especially for your first.