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this is my first theme :3 I couldn’t find any good furry based themes so i made one myself 😀 i hope you enjoy. this one shows some of my favorite female furries in they’re suits :3 don’t fret i am going to make a male one too! 😀 be nice when commenting
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i could try :3 and ill look for Sofia for my next sexy fursuit theme. as for the stretching of the pics there is nothing i can do with that the theme builder only allows a certain size for HD and SD pictures so they come out like that. and I will look for some cute fursuit photos if you have certain ones you like feel free to message me and ill check them out and build it for you :3


Not bad, though I’m not a fan of the sexy fursuits. Had to look anyway 😛 Actually…there is one fursuiter that I find sexy, but she doesn’t seem to be in your theme. That’s Sofia. I’m sure you know who I mean =^.^= BTW, all the pics in this theme are distorted (stretched) on my widescreen TV. Try trimming them first. I have hundreds of pics I use as wallpaper. All carefully trimmed (using the Ps3) to work and look good with the XMB. Also, if you’re making fursuit themes, could you make a funny one? Or a cute one?… Read more »

Kilala Usagi

Yay! Another furry theme! Keep them coming Elmirafur, I’ll download every last one. Also i must say very good choices on both icons and backrounds.