Dubai @ Night Animated

Theme by GlowBall

Seemless background loop of the city Dubai at night. Custom icons created by myself. Mainly created for nimani but I’m sure all can enjoy 🙂

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@JSSTMNT yeah im looking 4ward 2 the TMNT movie as well as the TMNT series coming out this year! Hey………That ‘ll B Cool if U would make a dynamic TMNT theme! & thanx!


@OPTIMUS yeah the 1980-1990 cartoons/animes they were magical what they offered was beyond words when you watch these awesome series you weren’t just watching you felt like you were part of it when tmnt were fighting shredder i felt i was right there with them,the shows kinda pulled you in the tv lol such wonderful memories & yeah it would be cool if they made cartoons like that again i’m hoping the new tmnt movie will be good i love the original tmnt all 3 live action movies for me they were awesome hopefully michael bay does them justice transformers 1… Read more »


: You’re absolutely right! MAGIC: that’s exactly what lacks nowadays, in my opinion… 🙁
I totally agree with you!

Ah… if only EVERYTHING would return to original roots 😉


Wow… pretty sharp!


the 1980-1990 were just magic
dwd is an awesome series ”lets get dangerous”
dw lines were brilliant & i love every single episode
if only cartoons would return to there original roots


: Transformers Prime… yep, I know that series, but… well, the truth is actually I don’t really like the way they evolved all the transformers over time: robots have become too “alien”, and I still prefer their old appearance…

Yeah! Darkwing Duck (Drake Mallard)… looool! 😀


@OPTIMUS that was an excellent series 1980 transformers & that great you can draw with your left hand & as for choosing favorite cartoon i know how you feel they were 100% awesome cartoons series have you seen transformers prime i think its doing a wonderful job i too hold the 1980-1990 as the funniest & happiest moments of my life good times & you can’t forget ”i am the terror that flaps in the night i am the mouse that steals your cheese” omg darkwing duck was & is absolutely hilarious in the words of optimus prime ”autobots roll out”… Read more »


@SSJTMNT: Don’t worry, mate: you couldn’t know, of course 😉 Well, actually I quickly learned to use my left hand to draw, but it’s a matter of fact that I’m no more able to make anything special like before: just simple stuff like the latest theme I uploaded the early days of June… 🙁 Well, considering I’m an “oldie”, I remember lots of cartoons (when my brain works properly :P), so… yep, I remember Biker Mice! The 80’s and early 90 were the best of my life… a lot of good stuff: cartoons, movies, music and so on! It’s difficult… Read more »


@OPTIMUS omg i’m so sorry to hear your half paralysed its ok don’t worry about it & i’m glad you have wonderful memories as well the 1980-1990 cartoons/anime were to me the greatest creation ever made *_* btw have you also seen gargoyles the goliath chronicles they were wonderful too ok your from italy i know you remember this perhaps remember…….biker mice from mars omg that series was so unbelievable awesome ps i’ll continue my quest to ask more people to hopefully make them dynamic/animated/themes or whatever is possible bringing back 1980-1990 cartoons 1 theme at a time *_* btw which… Read more »


, I left you a PM check it out. And sorry to bother you so much 🙂


@SSJTMNT: Uh… Gargoyles! I remember that series too! Oh man, you’re making me live very good memories with those cartoons! 😀 As for the theme… well, I’m reeeally sorry, mate but… I don’t make dynamic themes: sure, I cooperated with Faxtron for a couple of animated themes, but I cannot make them by myself… I usually draw everything with my own hands, but then I need Faxtron’s support to animate them, so we should wait because he’s very busy these days. But there’s another big problem, anyway… my health conditions currently prevent me from working like I would: you know,… Read more »


@OPTIMUS mmmmmmm yep your 100% right it was in english the bots master & in french le maître des bots omg i loved & will always loved this cartoon series my sister & i would always say its lazer time along with the show lol we even had almost all the action figures good times oh btw did you know lady frenzy (Janyse Jaud) also voiced jezmine in conan the adventurer cartoon series another awesome show 1980-1990 were wonderful times an extra btw if you happen to have free time could you kindly make a disney gargoyles dynamic here is… Read more »



GLOWBALL: Wow! You did a great job, my friend!
Absolutely +1! 😀

SSJTMNT: Oh maaan… I remember that series! It was a French cartoon of 1993, right?
But they aired it only in 1995, here in Italy.
The boy’s name was Ziv Zulander, or something like that, if I remember correctly…
Aaah… memories! 😀


@GlowBall ok awesome the link appears ^_^


ok this is the best i could find of the bots master intro its on youtube here is the address
sorry i couldn’t provide direct link it was recently put on youtube Jun 3, 2012 the bots master is actually very rare i use to have recordings on vhs unfortunately they stopped working a few years ago *_* whatever you
can do will be appreciated & thank you


@GlowBall thank you so much the bots master hd intro ok i will try my best hopefully what i find
you will be able to work your magic ^_^
ps thanks again for taking up the cause i’m trying to bring the 1980-1990 cartoons/anime with the help of talented people such as yourself


+1 Thanks good job like always glowball


u get a like as always glow lol


@ David

The song is Dj Khalse – Karma (Original Mix) not really retro lol but very cool still in my opinion

@ ultrama6net1c

Will take a look for you man

@ ssjbardock13

No worries mate….. Another happy customer haha lol 😀


@ nimani

No problem fella I enjoyed creating it for you man 🙂

@ fran

Think you mean city’s lol but yeah more of this style coming soon mate


Thanks man :). Your request is more personal but if you can get/locate a HD clip/video of bots master I will create it for you fella




Thank you for uploading this beautiful theme omy my country/city XD


, I left a couple questions for you in the ‘Pro SlideShow Dynamic Theme Tutorial’ thread.
Thanks to all the creators here there’s no need to pay for garbage.


Hey whats the name of the song playing in the preview? its got that retro-dopness 🙂


thank you for creating & sharing your dynamic/animated themes 5/5
i want to ask you if possibly you could create an
dynamic/animated with custom sounds of the bots master cartoon that would be awesome if your to busy with other things thx anyway ^_^


do more countries!


Thanks mate for this theme.
it is amazing.


@ droopysp

Thanks mate I am gonna at the adult section next 😉

@ doom

Cool I will look into it for you man 🙂


@ Che_Mansur & ӍąĴƐϨŦĩ₵

Thank you 🙂

@ uLtRaMa6nEt1c

Thanks man 🙂 I wanted to put some effort into the icons cus I know I can make better free themes than that pigs behind that is Lama Produksiyon Yazilim BILISIM TI


+1, i have a request ! can you do a philadelphia night’s like the same way?


+1 icons look great, homie

Adult section is updated log in to view


Very nice. I like what you did with the icons too. +1


+1 !!!!!!

Great Job!!


This looks pretty good =)