Dual Shock Dynamic

Theme by Devilush

This is a remake of “dualshock2 by Corwin75″because I did not like his incomplete icon choice.

The custom dynamic background features an original anim file,it is a rotating 3D Dual Shock SIXAXIS controller.

Visit my devilushninja.deviantart.com/ for more custom themes and wallpapers.
Download Here

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too plain kinda boring but im sure theres people out there that like plain themes


Ho a remake of my theme. I install it later to see is that it gives. And promised to create the next I would change the icons.


could you make a sims 3 dynamic theme? i’ve been looking everywhere were for one but nobodies made one yet. i can’t make it cuz i have no idea how to use the theme building thingy and im not very creative. so can you make it? please?


As I said it is a remake of “dualshock2 by Corwin75″.It is for those who liked the theme but disliked his incomplete icon choice.

I didn’t create the dynamic background,so don’t say I didn’t bother to add to it…I am still figuring out the process of creating original dynamics myself,without using the Dynamic Theme Editor,as it seems Corwin75 did,according to this post : http://ps3.dashhacks.com/2011/09/07/custom-crafted-dynamic-ps3-theme



I am talking about the theme it’s just basic and ugly. Corwin75 did not create the theme he simply compiled it. He nor you even bothered to add a background to it. The idea of a theme is to take over the XMB with the same matching style not a plain black background plain white icons and big 3D controller on the screen. I just don’t get the point of it cus you have the damn controller in your hand why would you want it on the screen also?


The dynamic background from Corwin75’s first version (dualshock) was ugly.The second version,which was used for this themes background is pretty good for a user created original dynamic background.If you are talking about the icons here,they are simple but I don’t think they are ugly ?


thats a cool dynamic theme good job.


Sorry but this theme is ugly.

Corwin75 is a nice guy and I think he will create some unique dynamic themes soon enough.